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Related post: Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 15:59:05 -0700 (PDT) From: Jason Subject: Rent Matthew - Part 14Matthew discovers a secret about Professor Hubbard, one that will transform their relationship forever. He then loses something he values more than himself. Rent Matthew - Part 14 jason99usayahoo.com Losing Jose was like losing a big brother. There was nothing that could replace it. The two grew up together, worked on the farm together, hit on girls together. All they had, everything 11 week fetus sonogram they had, left with Jose's departure.Having sex 15 age porn free with Jose was like losing one's virginity every time. It was fucking indescribable, unbelievable. free 11 Yet Matthew would have given up sex with Jose, if he Final fantasy 10 spanking could have his friend back. But it was too late, for the path he took couldn't be retraced. And if losing Jose wasn't enough, other tragedies looming in the distant neared themselves.It was on his walk back from a short customer delivery that Matthew noticed a familiar figure enjoying a meal in the 6th street latina hot sun outside a nearby restaurant. But who she was sitting with surprised him even more. And before he could change his direction, his mom made eye contact and beckoned him over. "Matt, I want you to meet someone."Matthew reluctantly approached, somewhat embarrassed, somewhat shy. He was a little kid again, and he wasn't sure why his mom was going to introduce him to someone he already knew."Tom, I want you to meet my son, Matt. Matt, I want you to meet your uncle Tom." Matthew glanced at his mother's companion, and saw horror in his eyes. It was not a look he had anticipated. Fear and shame and sadness, he felt one emotion after another. And for a moment in time, time could not progress fast enough.No laugh, no tube8 porn sex smile, no "nice to meet you" expression, just silence. The full impact of what his 1940s vintage porn mom had revealed hit him like a brick to the head. Fuck! Why was life so unfair? Not now, not when Jose had just left him. It was not fair.Not a word passed between the two men, not even a look. This, of course, brought suspicion to his mom. "Have you two met before?""Yes. 15 yr pics xxx Matthew was one of my former students," answered Professor Hubbard."Oh! Well, that's great. Tom is your father's younger brother. Same dad, different mom. Had no idea he was in town. Did you ever suspect the resemblance Matt?"Matthew hesitated, tried to speak, stopped, then tried again, "No, I didn't." He looked at Professor Hubbard, he looked at his mom, and then he excused himself, "I'm congo slavery 1902 sorry Mom, but I have to run. I'm already late." Walking as fast as he could, he disappeared around the corner. Out of breath, not looking back, and clearly upset, girl pic 12yo he kept on going. He would never stop, he would go on, until he would collapse on the side of the road. But a few minutes into his escape, he had to slow down, for he felt somewhat nauseated. "Matthew, wait up," called Professor Hubbard, as he caught up to his nephew."Why, it's useless, isn't it?""What do you mean?""What we had, what I felt for you. How could I have been such a fool?""You weren't. I was," admitted Professor Hubbard. Even with the new revelation, he couldn't help himself as his eyes wandered over the kid's lithe body. Matthew was one attractive kid."What do we do now?""Forget what happened.""Are you saying 11 week pregnancy it's not possible to continue?""I'm saying it would be wrong. I knew your mom Matthew. I slept with her.""You what?""My stepbrother was an ass. He used her. I loved her.""Don't tell me you're my father?""No, she was pregnant at the time.""So you're prostitute sex 3gp saying you had your dick in my mom when I was still in her womb, and 18 years later you have your dick up my ass. Boy, you 27 essex must be real proud. At least you're not my father. You have no responsibility to worry about.""I'm sorry Matthew.""Don't be. Just forget about it. I'm late for work," interrupted Matthew, before he turned around and left his uncle at the corner. For all he knew, life sucked. First Jose, then this. tiny 13yo He wondered if there was a god up there, if maybe he had done something wrong, if maybe he deserved this. He grew up without a father, his stepfather died from a heart attack, his best friend Alex tried to commit suicide, Jose, who was the best sex partner he had ever had and someone he looked up to, left him, and now the only person he had ever loved was related to him. * * * * * Some say god works in mysterious ways. Making you suffer, testing you during your life 9yo girl sex torrent in this world, so that when you ascend into the next, you would better appreciate what life has to offer. Then there are others who say these people are full of shit.Matthew didn't know what he did to deserve this. Jose's departure left him hurt, but losing his professor took everything out of him. Whatever else could go wrong couldn't be any worse, or so he thought.Instead of going to Alex like he should have, he decided to drown himself in alcohol. Maybe he'd wake up the next day and everything would be back to where it was, where it should be. Maybe things would change. In any case, he wouldn't know for sure until tomorrow. Right now, all he wanted, all he cared about was another drink.So when Sarah called him that night, Matthew wasn't home to receive it. Alex's father had returned, and Alex had run away. Sarah needed Matthew's help to find her brother. He was missing, and he had 287 penis ultimate stretch left upset. By the time he stumbled home, Matthew went to bed without checking his messages.The next morning, he returned Sarah's call. Sarah was worried. She didn't sleep well last night, and neither did her mom. Matthew got his lazy ass out of bed to pick up Sarah and search for Alex, while Alex's mom called the police. The sheriff would not let 2inch plastic strap her 12yo free nude file a missing person's report because her son had to be missing for at least 24 hours. It was a ridiculous policy.Matthew and Sarah drove all over town, checking all the hangout places they used to frequent, asking people if they saw Alex recently. They were not successful.Then, two hours later, cameltoe and under 17 Matthew received a call from Alex's 2 adult flash fames mom, the call that would change his life forever. The look on Alex's mom's face was despair. She asked him to driver her to a specified location, and he agreed.But what he remembers most clearly were the flashing red lights, the multitude of flashing red 90s porn lights that blinded their vision as they approach the location.Matthew cautiously slowed the car down. Horror stricken, he could not believe in what he was about to see. And before the car came to a complete stop, Alex's mom kicked the free 14 girl porn door open and popped out. Matthew hit the breaks and both he and Sarah rushed to catch up with and hold Alex's mom back. The next few moments are a blur as he wanted to remember NONE of the details... Matthew is down on the ground, beside his friend. He had taken his best friend off the fence. Alex's body, cradled by Matthew's arms and torso, is completely limp. Matthew's head is bent down, gazing at his friend, trying to wake him up, but unable to. "No! This cant' be..." cried Matthew silently, as his head shook back and forth, denying what was apparent. "Not Alex." Alex had been beaten repeatedly and stabbed, left naked on a fence post to die overnight in the open air. "Faggot" spray-painted red on his chest. "Please God. Not this..." incoherently mumbled Matthew. Words, phrases, half sentences escaped his lips, but it was as if time had stood still and none of what he did mattered anymore."This is a dream. Tell me this is a dream!" cried Matthew. All he ever wanted was in his arms. He would never let go. Never."Oh Alex," cried Sarah, as she and her mother bent down to hold Matthew, who held onto Alex. Rocking his friend in his arms, in his lap, Matthew ignored the world around him. Sarah held her mom back, preventing the woman from crumbling, protecting herself from breaking down. The detectives and police officers surrounded the family, like wolves moving in for the kill. But reluctant, nevertheless, for who could, in their right mind, prevent a family from saying good bye to their only son, brother, best friend. "Don't do this to me, Alex. Don't you FUCKING do this to me!" sobbed Matthew. "You know I can't live without you." * * * * * The next few days slip away like a paper boat cast into a running stream. Funeral arrangements were made, newspaper headlines talked about an TUBE PORNO SEX H0RSE all- American kid who was murdered by people who hated him because of his sexual 11x7 porn orientation. Journalists, investigators, neighbors, everyone wanted to see Matthew. But it was as if he wasn't there.He couldn't eat. nude photo 70 He couldn't speak. He wouldn't see anyone. And then, out of the blue, Jose showed up at his doorstep unexpectedly.By the time Matthew realized he was being watched, Jose had had a good look. Jose recalled how he had hammered into the kid with all he had, how Matthew had gone latina edad 16 wild, moaned, tried to catch his breadth, screamed. And now here was the same person, silent, to himself, lifeless. "Why Jose? Why did they hurt Alex? He never hurt anyone. He didn't deserve this.""No, man, he didn't.""Then why?""I don't know. Sometimes people do things they themselves don't understand. Sometimes the most illogical things result from ignorance.""But he was my best friend. cunt 16yo I miss him a lot Jose.""I know it doesn't look like it now, but everything's going to be OK. You're going to make it past today, and the next, and the next." Jose felt sorry for the kid. But even girls tgp 14yo in his sympathy, he felt the urge, once again, to hurt Matthew. It had been a while since he last fucked the kid. He knew what he wanted physically, but he also wanted to comfort his friend. That was the main reason he was back, to show his support. "Jose I think I love Alex. I think I love him, and I never got to tell him.""I'm sure he knew.""He wanted me and I never gave it to him. I wished I had given him something. I was selfish with my body." Jose went silent for a moment. He knew he had wronged Matthew by sleeping with Alex. But it wasn't entirely his fault, for Alex was one amazing stud that wanted him equally, if not more. And now, sprawled on the bed, was the beauty he had 14 y.o. blowjobs banged on countless occasions. The long, tight legs, the ripped abs, the hard chest. He wanted to fuck the kid again. "Matthew, there's something I have to tell you and I'm not sure if this is the right time.""What is it?"Jose felt like lying, for he wasn't sure how Matthew would react. In fact, he kept quiet for a bit. He even looked at 1920 lace dress the kid, waiting for the right Video 10 gay moment. "I slept with Alex before you guys went on your road trip."To Matthew, it was a 16 y.o. cuties surprise. For some time he did not speak either. And the silence made Jose feel self-conscious. That's when Matthew hesitated, looked up, then spoke abruptly, with a strange, half-smirk on his lips. "Bastard! You lucky bastard. Why didn't you tell me?""You're not upset?""No, of course not. He was crazy about you. He never 8 girl suck had the guts to admit it, but I knew.""Then you're OK?" timidly asked Jose."God yes. I wanted him to be treated right, because he deserved to be. You did treat him right, didn't you?""Yeah, 12yo sucking I did. Gave him a really good ride." Jose recalled how he drove into Alex, the speed, the depth, the force, how bad Alex wanted him. It was the wrong time and place to feel this way, yet he couldn't help it."Thanks Jose, you are a pal." Matthew 1878 starr revolver drifted into silence, as Jose kept to himself. Each had their own thoughts, their own memories of what kind of person Alex was. His innocence, his smile, his goodness. But eventually, the silence had to broken. "Are you going to be OK?""No, I'm not," admitted the kid, "But I want to fuck anyway. Take off your clothes.""Matt..." It wasn't quite what he had expected to hear, yet it was somehow exactly what he wanted to hear. Since he left the kid, all he thought about was how much he missed doing the deed. Fuck the relationship bit; he would stay just for the sex."Take off your clothes," repeated Matthew.A brief smile escaped Jose's lips. "I want you to know I'm only doing this because you're not feeling well. Otherwise, I wouldn't let you take advantage of free 3gp ebony porn me.""Whatever dude, you know you want to sleep with me." There wasn't a need to talk, as both wanted something physical, something beyond emotions. Jose quickly stripped off his clothes and climbed into bed. Matthew tried to get up, but Jose pushed him back down, forcing him to stay put. His lips met the kid, and the two pressed against each other, body and soul.Feeling Jose's hardness against his, Matthew let out a muffled cry, before he maneuvered his own boxer briefs off. Nothing in the way, Jose ran his shaft along the kid's abdomen and thighs, causing the kind of excruciating anticipation he was good at creating. Thrusting up to meet Jose, Matthew tried to speed up the contact, but Jose wouldn't let him. "Please Jose," begged Matthew, in between kisses. Jose continued to rub himself against the kid, causing Matthew to squirm uncontrollably. Mouthing the kid, he gave himself fully to pleasuring Matthew with his cock and mouth, except in a way that wasn't quite enough to bring both of them over the 340 weatherby brass edge. It was driving Matthew insane.This continued until the kid decided it was enough foreplay. And before Jose had time to respond, Matthew's animal side took over. Using several clever moves, the kid maneuvered from underneath, climbed on top, and pinned Jose to the bed. And before he went down on him, Matthew gave Jose the triumphant look.Running amateur milf 11 his tongue along the base, Matthew moved slowly upward along the shaft, until he reached the tip, and then he kissed it and sucked the head in earnest. Not diverging from the routine, he did it several more times, until it was Jose that was the one squirming, and it was he that was smiling. "Bastard. Don't tell me you're enjoying this. You're driving me crazy.""Good. Now you know 1st dick how I feel when you play with me," replied Matthew, as he continued to slowly jack off his friend."Do it faster, Matthew. Please.""I'll let you cum on one condition.""What?" gasped Jose, somewhat agitated but very turned on."Blow me and I'll let you fuck me all you want."It only took him a few seconds to think about it. "Alright." agreed Jose. He got 12 yers porn off the bed, pulled the kid's 16 yo sexy pics legs over the side, and got down on his knees. As Matthew lay still, Jose swallowed the cock whole. At the same time, Jose's hands moved along the kid's body, feeling the flat stomach, the hard muscles, before he pulled off.Going down again, Jose expertly pulled back with the right kind of motion to cause the kid to whimper. Getting the kind of response he did from Matthew encouraged him to continue what he 12yr masturbation was nude boy 12 doing so well.For the next few minutes, the kid's cock slipped in and out of Jose's mouth like an engine at maximum speed. Matthew held his breath, gasped, and tensed up routinely. He even winced when Jose polished his knob and stopped to lick his nuts.But Jose's skill and enthusiasm matched his sinister side, for just before the kid was about to pop, he pulled off completely. Matthew protested. But instead of fulfilling his side of the bargain, Jose pushed the kid's legs into the air and proceeded to rim him. 16 yo lollita And when the kid tried to jack himself off, Jose pushed his hand away.Jose knew Matthew wanted to be fucked, but for the wrong reasons. To hide the pain, to run away from bear party 4 gay it. The reality was... Alex was gone, and Matthew had to face it. If he didn't, then he 38 dcup breasts could not move on. Jose saw his role to get the kid to want something else, to find pleasure and meaning in a life not dependent on something that was no longer there. Fuck, he also wanted to bang the kid badly. "Give it to me, Jose." Taking that as a yes, Jose slipped on a condom and proceeded to fuck the kid senseless. Each thrust, long and hard, carried the determination to undue what 11yo nude had been done. Throughout their love-making, their eyes never left each other, each encouraging the other, each finding meaning in the other. Sinister and sensual, Jose could read the expression on the kid's face with each thrust. And before long, the two reached the edge, and climaxed together. "Fuck Matt!" groaned Jose, as he shot deep into the kid. It was like he detonated a bomb into the kid, for Matthew's reaction was on the same lines. Sperm shot all over Matthew's chest and stomach, his own fabulous mess. After some time, Matthew asked Jose to fuck him once more. Impatient, the kid felt the curves of Jose's body and kissed him until he became hard. For Matthew, it wasn't too difficult to restart the machine.And as they did it a second time, Jose looked into the kid's eyes. He plunged into the tight ass and xxx 16 petite saw something he did not expect, the pain, the memories flashing before him. Matthew's eyes filled with tears, but he deliberately encouraged Jose on. Maybe his pain would go away if Jose was rough with him. "Fuck me like you fucked Alex. I want to be with him now.""You got it buddy," replied Jose, as he fucked his friend ever harder. The two fuck until they are exhausted; fuck until there is nothing left. No more cum to give, no more tears to shed, no more darkness to hide their sorrow in. The morning light poured into the room through the windows, before they stop. No sleep and no more time to sleep, for they had to get dressed for the funeral. * * * * * Matthew had not slept for days. How could he? All he had in this world was Alex, all he wanted to have was Alex. And now Alex was about to be buried six feet underground. "We're sorry about your loss Matt," repeated his friends to him."You weren't there when under 18 porn Alex needed you. I wasn't there when he needed me. There's 13 panties nonude no need to feel sorry for me. From now on, there's no need to feel anything." The town was split into two. On one side were the sympathizers, 16 free nude parents, students, and kids came out to mourn for Alex, and demonstrate against hate and hate crimes. On the other side, were the religious folks, condemning homosexual behavior to the eternal fires of hell. It just wasn't right. Sure, the Christians had 16 pussy pics a right to speak. The Freedom of Speech, the freedom to speak. But not at a funeral, not at Alex's funeral!Matthew's anger erupted, and he saw red. 33 weeks pregnant He dashed toward the holy crowd, intent on killing someone, anyone. But his friends held him back, pleaded with him to stop. Violence wasn't the way to solve it, but Matthew wanted justice.An eye for an eye, blood for blood, 12y lesbian pics it was the only way he knew how to handle it. It wasn't fair that good people died. Someone had to pay, and it was going to be the 845 adult escort bible-preaching morons.It was almost impossible to contain the anger in him, until Professor Hubbard pulled him into the car. "Stay put Matthew. I'm indonesia sex 3gp sma taking you home. I want to talk to you in private.""You're gonna fuck me, that's what you want," spat Matthew."I know 256 mb thumb drive you're in a lot of pain right now. Just be aware that this pain will past. You will survive. You will move 15yr cum girl on.""He was my best friend, Tom. He didn't deserve this.""I know he didn't.""I loved him.""I know you did." The two remain silent for the rest 12yo sex stories of the way back to Professor Hubbard's place. Matthew couldn't cry. He had no more tears to shed. Gangbang 438 When they arrive, Professor Hubbard made the kid some casting 17yo girl warm tea. "I can't stay here. I can't stay in this freaking town! But my mom...""I'll take care of your mom."Matthew stopped blowing hot air for a moment to think about what his uncle had agreed to do. Maybe there was a way out. "You promise?""Yes, I promise. I want you to take care of yourself.""I will.""I have some money. I'll go get it."But before he could leave, Matthew held his uncle back, and laid out his terms, "No, I don't want your money. But I want something else..." He pushed Professor Hubbard against the kitchen counter, and stared into his eyes, those adorable eyes. For an instant, they were both quiet, hesitating for the 5 2 asians inevitable, waiting to see who would make the next move. And that's when Matthew pulled his uncle's face to his lips, feeling the warm, wet kiss, before both hands made their way to the chest, the shirt, unbuttoning it. "Close your eyes," instructed Matthew, as he managed to get his uncle's dress shirt, tie, and undershirt off.Suddenly, opening his 14 girl erotic eyes and pushing his nephew away, Professor Hubbard broke the kiss to ask, "You sure about this?""Please Tom, do this for me and I'll promise to stay out of trouble.""Do you know what this means, Matthew? 15 yo boys sex We each know things about the other now that we didn't know before.""It means nothing Tom," replied Matthew, as he opened his uncle's belt, "Besides, it's not like you're gonna get me pregnant." Professor Hubbard let out a nervous laugh, and moaned when the kid felt his package. He naked 13 yo girl knew it was wrong, yet he didn't want Matthew to feel rejected. The kid had gone through too much crap. Maybe if he closed his eyes he couldn't be blamed for it.And sure enough, as he held his eyes shut he felt the soft hands press against his thighs, the warm mouth engulfs his cock. He could feel the kid make his way to the hilt, then pull back, retreating against his pole.Seeing Matthew go down on him, feeling the kid slowly suck him mpegs of 70s porn off, tore him from the inside out. How could he let this happen? But before long, his self-control weakened, his will power diminished. He now wanted it as much as Matthew did; he now wanted it as much as he ever wanted anything in his life. "This feels good," encouraged Professor Hubbard, as he cleared the countertop and lifted himself on it. The kid's head in between his legs, slurping, sucking him hard, following a steady rhythm. It was 14 blue skirt driving him insane. Bobbing up and down, Matthew did his best to forget the pain. Fuck the incest bit, he didn't care. They just buried his best friend. If he wanted to suck cock, he'd do just that. Faster, speeding up, the kid demonstrated his skills over and above the call of duty. "I'm getting close," warned Professor Hubbard ten minutes after the kid first put his lips to his cock. Abruptly, caverta 10 Matthew stopped and pulled his mouth off. He then looked up at his uncle, trying to read what was not there. agitageam777 Fuck what the world would think; he just wanted to be fucked. Straightening up, he backed away, until the edge of the kitchen table stopped him. And that's when he began to undress.Black jacket, tie, white shirt, it was all coming off. porn 2 girls Next, the kid lifted himself onto the table and inclined back. It was then that Professor Hubbard gasped at the sight of his shirtless nephew. Flat abdominals, a smooth, hard body, it was all there for the taking. "Get the rest of your clothes off," directed Matthew. Leaning all the way back, he laid himself on the cold surface of the table, freshly waxed a few days before. And as he closed his eyes and his uncle tugged at his backless 36ddd bras pants, shoes, socks, then underwear, he started to remember his best friend. All the bruises, how cold and lifeless 16yr old porn the body was in his arms.Taunt but comatose, Matthew's body lay flat at the end of the hard table. Professor Hubbard 14yr girl fucked removed the rest of his clothes, slipped on a lubricated condom, and lifted the kid's legs onto his shoulders.Sore from the previous night, Matthew did not complain when his uncle entered him. It was less methodical, less calculated than amateur radio 70cm priv what Jose was capable of, but it was good, nevertheless. It age 15 girl naked helped to download video sex 3gp keep his mind away from what had happened only a few days before.Since the truth got out, Professor Hubbard didn't blonde girls under 13 think he'd ever get the chance to bang the kid again. Yet he did. And as his hands squeezed the firm ass, or condoms 99 reliability slid across the flat stomach, he drove into the kid repeatedly.Covered in beads of sweat, his Hot redhead nude 01 balls swung back and forth against the kid as he rammed his cock in and pulled out. Both moaning from the physical exertion, Professor Hubbard continued to thrust Matthew hard. It was fucking insane. He was really getting into it.The kid's arms held onto the edge of the table, his mouth open, breathing, gasping for oxygen, as his uncle fucked him. Moving in and out of Matthew was like surfing, it was a paradise all to itself. Getting close, Professor Hubbard couldn't hold on much longer. It was just too good. "Shit, Matthew. Get ready," warned Professor Hubbard. And when the moment did come, Matthew held on tight, as his uncle plunged deep into him, and ejaculated. Housewife 05 Professor Hubbard shot seven times before it was over, a mixture of pleasure and pain on his face. Catching his breath, he rested his wet body on top of the kid.Still panting, he kissed the kid's neck and chest, thanking it for taking the abuse so well. This is what life should be, fucking, sucking, kissing. Yet Matthew kept quiet, silent from all ilegal 16 yo naked the mistreatment he had just taken, silent from the world that had taken Alex away from him. He had still not cum yet. Then the images of death disappeared and reappeared again. Matthew cleared his throat and spoke hellraiser 3 bondage scene up. "Get off, will you? I'm thirsty." Professor Hubbard T7BE SEX HORSE moved off, and the kid went to the sink. Matthew poured himself a glass of water. He drank it, spilled some of it on his neck 1 asian porn and chest. He refilled it, and then handed it to his uncle. And as Professor Hubbard drank, Matthew began to feel his chest and abdominals. It was like touching a male model from an Armani catalogue.Playing with his uncle's tits, his fingers swirled around and teased what he could. It was like he was playing with a new toy, experimenting to find what he liked best. Eventually his hands slipped below the waist and pulled the condom off. "Was my father a bad man?" asked Matthew, as he began to massage Professor Hubbard's cock."No, he wasn't. But he didn't treat your mom right. He didn't treat you right.""And that upset you?" asked the kid, as he felt his professor's balls."Yes. That frustrated me.""Good. I want you to take that frustration out on me tonight. I may not see you again for a while.""Matthew..." Professor Hubbard tried to speak, but the kid shut him up. Bending slightly, Matthew kissed his uncle's nipple and began to suck on it. Once was not enough, he wanted more. He wanted to forget his pain, and there was only one thing that could take his mind off of it.And as he made his way down, kissing, touching, he tried to forget about Alex. Getting down on his knees, Matthew kissed and worshipped his uncle. Long, slow strokes, he lapped Professor Hubbard's balls and groin, teasing them with just the right amount of attention, until the shaft began to fill with blood again. "Stop. We can't do this Matthew." But the kid continued to pleasure his uncle for a 3m breast tape few more minutes, and then he got up on his feet again. "Please Tom. I need this," explained Matthew, as his eyes filled up and tears ran down the side of his face. "I need to forget Alex." Seeing the kid in an emotional wreck left Professor Hubbard speechless. He didn't know what he should do. But he followed Matthew, nevertheless, as he walked into the living room, stopped to compose himself, and climbed the adult dating ruthgarcia671 upstairs. When they entered his bedroom he finally asked, "What do you want from me, Matthew?""I want you to treat me like a piece of meat. I want to forget."Concerned, he made the all-important conclusion, "This is destructive behavior. It can't be good for you.""Do 13 nude sex you think I fucking care?""Matthew...""Look, if you don't help me out... then I'll find someone else who will. There are plenty of dangerous horny men out there.""Damn it, I'll do what you want," acquiesced 8th street latinas erica Professor Hubbard. "But I want you to continue to talk to me. I want to listen to whatever you have to say.""Whatever dude, you know you wanna take me to bed." And as he had done to Jose many times, he approached his uncle, grabbed his arm and directed him to sit on the bed. Then he got on his knees and resumed his role.The kid went down on his uncle like he was born to do so. Yet he did it at an excruciatingly slow pace. He'd swallowed the shaft whole, then pull back completely, sometimes kissing the head, sometimes running his tongue along the underside. The only break he took was to ask his uncle to talk dirty to him. "Fuck Matthew. This feels good," moaned his uncle for the second time. "You really know how to suck cock." But the 70s vintage porn movies kid 13 naked pics did celebrity 17 not respond, only continued his onslaught at the same pace.The warm mouth, the soft lips wrapped around his shaft, sliding back and forth. Matthew was a handsome kid. It was more than he could have asked for. A thousand things passed through his mind as the kid sucked him off in earnest.His hands began to move around, holding the kid in place, feeling the shoulder and back. Murmuring gasps encouraged Matthew to continue what excellent work he was delivering.Like watching brooke 18 a movie, 12yo boy photo sex memories began to flash by, the first time he noticed Matthew, the tutoring session, the first blow job, the first time he fucked the kid, and all the subsequent encounters. As if it was a new discovery, he realized, matter-of-factly, how he enjoyed the kid's company, the conversations they've had, the surfing lessons, the road trip, it was more than just sex and experimentation. And while the kid gave him head and all these thoughts rushed through his mind, he said the oddest thing, "I think I love you.""What?" asked Matthew, as he suddenly stopped what he was doing."I think I have feelings for you Matthew," replied Professor Hubbard. And he hesitated before he continued, "If we weren't related, I would ask you out on a date."But the response he then received back did not come from a human, for it was too cold. "I don't want you to think of me as your nephew," said Matthew. "Tonight, I'm just a fucking horny guy that has the hots for you." Professor Hubbard pulled 12 yr girls fotos Matthew off the ground and laid him down on the bed. He then got on top and brought his cock to Matthew's face, and just as the kid accepted his large shaft, he began to fuck the kid's face in earnest.Matthew tried to breathe as Professor Hubbard slipped his cock farther down. At times he gagged, but it apparently didn't matter, for Professor Hubbard did not slow down. The kid continued to accept every thrust, and he used his lips to give pleasure as well.But before long, Professor Hubbard wanted to try something else. By force, he grabbed Matthew by the shoulders and guided him into a sideway position. Climbing on top, he 36dd wife bounce bent the kid's right leg forward, and slid his large shaft in between. He was going to spoon the kid.Matthew winced in pain, as he was new to the position. Yet it challenged him to some extent, which was what he enjoyed. And as Professor Hubbard fucked him hard, he yearned for more pain. "Don't stop!" persisted Matthew, before he grabbed the pillow and cried into it. And that's how it went, on and on, until they lost count of how many times they fucked. Finally, exhausted and no longer conscious, they fall into a deep slumber. Before the sun came up, Matthew quietly slipped out of his uncle's house, leaving the town for good.The hate criminals were never identified, but the town had changed. He didn't care; he just wanted to get away.Matthew walked for miles, hitch hiked to the next town, then the next, and so on. He washed dishes, helped out on farms, anything for some food, enough to get to the next town, anything to get away from the pain. The farther the better, he reasoned.Matthew shaved his hair off, and as his hair grew back, he found his natural jet black color. This is the color that Alex liked him in. It was his trademark color, a color that gave off a more silent, but cautious beauty, his youth, and his old self. Yet he was never quite the same. 18 nude He could not ever be the same. His best friend was what mattered most 4 cocks to him, and now he was without him.You never know what you have until it's too late. So keep it, forgive it, and hold onto it as tightly as you can, for nudist 12yo one day, you might lose it. * sims 2 dress up * * * * To Be Continued... jason99usayahoo.com This chapter is dedicated to Matthew Shepard, who is, in my opinion, a true hero.Make no mistake, I don't think people who believe in god are bad. However, I do breast reduction 120 lbs believe the morons who preached against homosexuality during Matthew Shepard's funeral demonstrated their stupidity beyond any doubt.Know your worth and don't be afraid, for this world and the people in your life are not better off without you. We must stick together and support each other, and together, we will change the world.
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